Using the primeval strength of micro algae by MINT algae systems

Innovative systems for algae cultivation.

They are microscopically small, but true power packs: MICRO ALGAE



The future belongs to them: micro algae are extremely adoptable, contain high-quality organic content and most important they can be produced economically.

MINT designs and distributes systems for the economic cultivation of micro algae.



By providing an optimal and controlled habitat in form of a photobioreactor, micro algae can grow particullary effective.

We offer solutions in any size and for any location

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Either as an operator, investor or project developer- We develop a sustainable business plan to find the best viable solution for your algae plant for every type of installation, size of plant and production line capacity.
This economical reasonable system is interesting for investors, estate owners or property managers. This new approach guarantees sustainable and efficient building operations.
Not only are you able to cultivate microalgae for direct utilization with such a facility, it also is a real eye-catcher and appears as quiescent pole.

Our service for you


Comprehensive customized package tailored to your needs


Online Monitoring


Harvest and cleaning of the plant

We offer an unique overall concept which includes planning, construction, operational support and a life-long service if desired.
Our plants are equipped with an online monitoring system. This ensures continuous supervision of all relevant parameters and in the cases of critical conditions, alarm messages will give you advance warnings to prevent further operations.
Our harvesting service is a convenient mobile system, where we bring the necessary equipment to your specific location at your demand. We will collect and process the biomass at your convenience.

All advantages at a glance

Easy cleaning

Automated control system (MINT-Control)

Efficient and scalable

Online visualization of results (MINT-Portal)

Low energy input

Continious process optimization

MINT in the press

“Green Gold” or just Glibber? Algae grow on a Berlin building facade,  July 6, 2016

Algae also be found use where you wouldn’t expect them: in cosmetics, ice cream or yogurt, toothpaste or margarine. They color farmed salmon pink and gummies blue. Algae is known to be a resource of the future – and now they are also growing on homeowners facades.

Building facade turns into algae farm – Glibber in tubes

Handelsblatt, July 5, 2016

Algae, source of protein and biofuel, are traded as raw material of the future. Now they are also growing on building facade in Berlin.

Schöneberg Why the green Glibber an der Hauswand so wichtig ist

Berliner Zeitung – July 5, 2016

With your naked eye you can’t see the „green Gold“. Only with a trained eye you can recognize an algae farm in the parallel assembled tubes on the facade in Berlin, Schöneberg. Here on the EUREF Campus, a energy innovation center of institutions and companies, micro algae are cultivated: small, single celled organisms, which live from the energy of the sun and convert this energy into chemical energy. In the summer the „harvest“ is used in the in campus restaurant.

Visit to the city of tomorrow

Berliner Morgenpost, September 29, 2016

In the shadow of the gasometer: the EUREF-campus in Schöneberg is a fascinating research laboratory for future development in terms of energy, mobility and sustainability. On the terrace on the 2nd level of building 4-5 Gunnar Mühlstädt is harvesting micro-algae.

rbb Fernsehen – UM4, 30. September 2016

The media interest is unbroken. Of course the presentation of the algae production on the EUREF-campus could not be missing. MINT Engineering demonstrated how micro-algae on the facade of house 4 arise, grow, can be harvested and get further processed.

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