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October 18, 2016

Video material: Algae – From the facade to the star chef

Algen gelten als der Rohstoff des 21. Jahrhunderts. Es wird geschätzt, dass es rund 73 000 verschiedenen Algensorten gibt – die wenigsten davon, wissenschaftlich erforscht.Zum größten Teil handelt es sich hierbei um Algen aus Aquakulturen oder Algenfarmen. In Berlin ist das anders: Mitten in Berlin, an einer grauen Hausfassade, wachsen Algen.


September 14, 2016

Art meets technology- MINT algae plant as part of an art project in the Berlinische Galerie

MINT Engineering company has two reasons to be pleased. First the first indoor farming algae plant is installed and second this plant is part of an award-winning art project.

September 10.-11., 2016

Experience the future- meet MINT Engineering at the Festival of the future in Berlin

At the EUREF Campus in Berlin MINT presents its algae systems directly at the entrance and welcomes everybody with a green alage smoothie.

On saturday there is a presentation of CEO Gunnar Mühlstädt about “Innovative solutions to cultivate microalgae.” The solution of a innovative market place called GBEX presents biologist Marcella Langer on sunday. Everybody is welcome, free entrance guaranteed.

Juni 23, 2016 

Algae produced on a building facade – in the middle of Berlin
MINT Engineering GmbH opens the first tubular algae plant in urban area.

They are supposed to grow here, they are wanted here. The worldwide first tubular algae plant on a facade started production on Monday the 18th of July in Berlin, Schöneberg. For this special occasion members of the press and well-wishers of the industry were invited to the EUREF Campus.

Juni 19, 2016 

Press Invitation: Berlins economy senator Yzer hit the red buzzer – and the „Green gold“ can flow

Not only in rural areas they can be found. On Monday July 18, 2016 the first tubular algae plant will start operating in Berlin city as the worldwide first urban production plant of micro algae. This extraordinary event will be guided and opened by Cornelia Yzer, senator for economy, technology and research of the state Berlin. 

November 24, 2015

On tuesday the 24th of November 2015 the worldwide first tubular algae plant was installed in urban area on the facade of house 4-5 on the EUREF Campus in Berlin, Schöneberg. The reactor produces micro algae (for eg. Chlorell vulgaris), which is used for the production of food, cosmetic- and pharma articles and also for biofuel.

Highlights in the press

“Green Gold” or just Glibber? Algae grow on a Berlin building facade,  July 6, 2016

Algae also be found use where you wouldn’t expect them: in cosmetics, ice cream or yogurt, toothpaste or margarine. They color farmed salmon pink and gummies blue. Algae is known to be a resource of the future – and now they are also growing on homeowners facades. 

Building facade turns into algae farm – Glibber in tubes

Handelsblatt, July 5, 2016

Algae, source of protein and biofuel, are traded as raw material of the future. Now they are also growing on building facade in Berlin.

Schöneberg Why the green Glibber an der Hauswand so wichtig ist

Berliner Zeitung – July 5, 2016 

With your naked eye you can’t see the „green Gold“. Only with a trained eye you can recognize an algae farm in the parallel assembled tubes on the facade in Berlin, Schöneberg. Here on the EUREF Campus, a energy innovation center of institutions and companies, micro algae are cultivated: small, single celled organisms, which live from the energy of the sun and convert this energy into chemical energy. In the summer the „harvest“ is used in the in campus restaurant.

Visit to the city of tomorrow

Berliner Morgenpost, September 29, 2016

In the shadow of the gasometer: the EUREF-campus in Schöneberg is a fascinating research laboratory for future development in terms of energy, mobility and sustainability. On the terrace on the 2nd level of building 4-5 Gunnar Mühlstädt is harvesting micro-algae.

rbb Fernsehen – UM4, 30. September 2016

The media interest is unbroken. Of course the presentation of the algae production on the EUREF-campus could not be missing. MINT Engineering demonstrated how micro-algae on the facade of house 4 arise, grow, can be harvested and get further processed.


Juni 2017

Weltkongress Gebäudegrün WGIC 2017
20.-22. Juni 2017

Veranstaltung rund um die Gebäudebegrünung (Dach-, Fassaden- und Innenraumbegrünung)
mit den dazu gehörigen Begleitthemen (u.a. Stadtklima, Regenwasserbewirtschaftung,
Nachhaltigkeit, Zukunftsstadt)



Mai 2017

agra – Zentrum für Innovation im Rahmen der agra Landwirtschaftsausstellung
04.-07. Mai 2017

Die Landwirtschaftsausstellung in Mitteleuropa

Friedrich-Ebert-Str. 26, MESSE LEIPZIG


Januar 2017

Fachkongress “Neue Geschäftsfelder”
12 – 13 Januar2017, Leipzig

4. Fachkongress “Neue Geschäftsfelder in der Engergiewirtschaft”

Leipziger Foren- Hainstraße 16, Leipzig




Dezember 2016


The 3rd EABA, EC Algae Contractors’ Conference & 10th International Algae Congress

Eurostars Madrid Tower Hotel – Madrid • 13 – 15 December 2016



November 2016

AgTech FoodTech Summit ’16

1st annual, AgTech FoodTech Summit

Wo Landwirtschaft und Nahrungsmittel auf Landwirte, Gemeinschaft, Gründer, Technology, Investoren und Innovation trifft


 Öffentliche Beteiligung bei Bio-Innovationen



Oktober 2016

Algae Biomass Summit

The Algae Biomass Summit is the largest algae conference in the world.

October 23 – 26, 2016 Renaissance Glendale Phoenix Hotel & Spa Phoenix, Arizona 


September 2016

9. Bundesalgenstammtisch 2016

26. – 27. September 2016 Forschungszentrum, Jülich


Juli 2016


Feierliche Eröffnung der Algenfassadenanlage

Am Montag, den 18. Juli 2016 wird  mitten in Berlin die weltweit erste tubuläre Algenanlage im urbanen Raum den Produktivbetrieb für Mikroalgen offiziell aufnehmen.




Montage der Anlage in Berlin


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