With the Indoor Farming segment, we pursue a particular facility concept – hereby we create an aesthetically optimized integration of the facility into your individual room and allow an improvement of your company’s ecological footprint. Our concept is fully automatic indoor systems in which local carbon dioxide (CO2) of the room air is biologically converted into oxygen and useful biomass with help of the light.


Our engineers adapt your individual ideas for the designing your space and realize your wishes as plant operator. Whether placed in office or conference rooms, in living room or building halls admiring looks are assured with an indoor-facility. Thanks to this plant you will be able to produce algae biomass for a direct utilization.

With the help of our integral service concept, no extra effort will be required from you as plant operator. Furthermore, no biotechnological know-how is needed for a safe operation of the plants.


Our service


In our Full-Service Package maintenance and support of your indoor plant is included. We bring along the complete technical and special expertise. That way we can provide you with competent support at all times. An online monitoring allows you a permanent control over all process relevant parameters. In the case of critical operating conditions not only will you receive an immediate alarm message, but you will also receive an advance warning. Our mobile harvesting system is demand-controlled requested, and brings the necessary harvesting equipment to your location. The system-compatible cleaning of the plant is carried out on a regular basis to secure high quality of the produced biomass.