MINT designs and distributes systems for the economic cultivation of microalgae

Controlled cultivation guarantees regional and sustainable products with high quality
Our algae cultivation systems

We design photobioreactors tailored to your wishes – for every location, scalable and easy to operate!

All advantages at a glance

Algae systems from MINT Engineering can be easily operated by anyone without previous know-how.

Easy cleaning

Automated control

system (MINT-Control)

Efficient and scalable

Online visualization

of results (MINT-


Low energy input

Continuous process


Our services

Comprehensive customized package tailored to your needs


Online Monitoring


Harvest and cleaning of the plant

We offer an unique overall concept which includes planning, construction, operational support and a life-long service if desired.
Our plants are equipped with an online monitoring system. This ensures continuous supervision of all relevant parameters.
Our harvesting service is a convenient mobile system, where we bring the necessary equipment to your specific location at your demand.

Transfer project between TU Dresden and MINT Engineering


At the Institute for Natural Product Technology at TU Dresden, scientists have researched the model-based continuous cultivation of the cyanobacterium Arthrospira platensis on a technical scale. The aim of the technology transfer is the establishment of a continuous process control via a model-based control system for the cultivation of Arthrospira platensis on a scale of 30 L and 200 L for tube reactor systems for implementation in the MINT.control system.
The project is funded by the EFRE. We would like to thank the Saechsische Aufbaubank for the cooperation in the project.

Gunnar Mühlstädt from MINT Engineering in an interview on the rbb Radio 1 morning show


rbb Radio 1, 22nd January 2018

Algae and their potential as a new sustainable ressource inspire more and more people in Germany.  On the occasion of the fair “Grüne Woche”, which is currently taking place in Berlin, Gunnar Mühlstädt from MINT Engineering told his vision for the use of microalgae and what the all-round talents all can do! 

MINT Engineering supports students for their youth research project on microalgae


MINT Engineering GmbH Berlin, 5th January 2018

On Friday, three highly motivated young researchers from the Wolfgang-Borchert School in Berlin-Spandau came by to pick up an algae suspension for their Jugend forscht project. For their project, which will be continued later on in the context of Lab2Venture, the three want to develop a model to improve the breathing air in classrooms. They want to build an algae-based filter system to reduce the CO2 cocentration in the air.

A think tank for innovative and creative people - MINT Engineering visits the Next Generation Food

#ngf17, 17th October 2017

On October 17th it was time again and our team from MINT Engineering had a chance to join: In Berlin, representatives from startups, investors and industry met at Next Generation Food to discuss new trends and developments in the food industry.

MINT Engineering presents its works at the Food Ingredients Europe conference 2017


Food Ingredients Europe 2017, 28-30th November 2017

At the international fair Food Ingredients Europe 2017 in Frankfurt, our MINT Engineering team had the opportunity to present itseld and to get to know the latest trends about food and additives.

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