At MINT-Engineering our team will provide a complete consulting experience for our industrial farm customers. Our consulting services includes detailed designing and planning of your farm to develop an economically viable model to fit your scale and needs. After completing the layout, we will be onsite to commence the installation of photobioreactors at your farm.

Picture: Agrar Energie Obernhausen is a pilot project in collaboration with Georg Fischer, LGEM B.V. and the Technical University of Applied Science Wildau. The algae in a PBR-plant receive their CO2-input from the heating and power plant of the connected biogas plant.

The MINT-Engineering photobioreactors are designed with efficiency and quality in mind. They are mainly closed system reactors made from closed tubular (PMMA) polymers and PVC-U which makes them particularly efficient due to lower operating energy consumption and lighter weight. Our range of cost-effective standardized rack systems can be custom fabricated to operate at the most optimal local conditions. In addition, these prefabricated reactors are delivered as a complete system, allowing for short installation time and quick start of production.

The flexibility of our reactors allow for concepts for hybrid system consisting of our closed system tubular reactors and open pond system for efficient high-volume production. The system operates through intelligent algorithms that calculates the best optimal conditions to ensure high volume production.

Our Service

Our Full-Service Package includes maintenance and support of your Industrial Farming plant. You receive permanent control over all process relevant parameters through our online monitoring system. In the case of critical operating conditions alarm messages will give you an advance warning. Also, our mobile harvesting system is demand-controlled requested. It brings the necessary harvesting equipment to your location. A system-compatible cleaning is carried out on a regular basis and secures high quality of the produced biomass.